Intelligent Root System

Using Angel Aligner’s unique intelligent data network and multi-modal AI biodata engine ME (masterEngine), the intelligent root system (IRS) can precise identify and replicate CBCT data. The root and jaw data can then be combined with the patient’s intraoral scan and provide a real digital representation of the tooth and root relationship; root positions can also be modified to ensure accurate and predictable treatment outcomes.

IRS can truly map the root, and has three characteristics:

1. True Visualization of Root Jaw Morphology

Truly reproduce rather than simulate the morphology of the patient’s root, jaw, and alveolar bone by CBCT data at a ratio of 1:1.

2. True Analysis of Crown-root Data

Provide doctors with a set of crown data and two sets of root data to help them know the root conditions precisely, rather than providing simulated root data for reference only.

Analysis of crown-root data

Provide a set of crown data and two sets of root data to assist doctors in judging the mode of tooth movement.

3. True Modification of Root Design

In clinical practice, doctors are enabled to modify the root & alveolar relationship and root arrangement through the 3D Tooth Adjustment (ADJ) tool in iOrtho, instead of feeling frustrated due to the restriction from making modifications on the root though comments can be input.


Modification of root design at willThe 3D project modification in Ortho IRS provides 4 control points to meet the requirements for direct modification of 4 different modes of tooth movement.


4 major control points for modification to satisfy the following modes of tooth movement:


Crown movement without root movement, controlled tipping movement of crown.


Opposite movement of crown and root, with root movement greater than crown.


Opposite movement of crown and root, with crown movement greater than root, purely tipping movement.


Root movement without crown movement, controlling root movement.

With the Intelligent Root System (IRS), doctors can truly control the root in clinical practice, making diagnosis and treatment stable, easy, rapid and precise!

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