Multi-platform cloud based service

Our case management system is launched with 6 innovations, bringing doctors a more realistic 3D model ; with a more user friendly interactive experience ; and more accurate and efficient prescription forms.


The pixel-level 3D model almost simulates the actual intraoral conditions, making the treatment plan more realistic.


Simplified UI design and user friendly interactive experience.


Brand-new prescription form allows for more accurate expression and more efficient operation.


New scheduling and case monitoring features make patient management more efficient.

Our IOS Partnerships

We have established strategic partnerships with 3Shape and Medit. This collaboration enables Angel Aligner providers to have direct integration between their 3Shape or Medit products and iOrtho software, further easing the workflow of digital orthodontics.


All medical designs are analyzed with a full-element orthodontic mechanics simulation system.


Artificial intelligence assists medical design by improving efficiency and accuracy.

Large Database

Massive orthodontic database and big data calculations let iOrtho see what works and what doesn’t, providing more predictable treatment plans.

Graphical Imaging

Realistic and precise visualization makes the 3D treatment plan more intuitive.

Cloud-based Service

An efficient and secure cloud platform supports multiple locations and is easy to use. The doctor can monitor treatment plans from anywhere.

Instant orthodontic outcome

Intelligent Digital Orthodontic System – Instant Bright Smiles

The “Make it” feature of the iOrtho system is developed based on the massive orthodontic database of Angel aligner, which quickly presents simulated orthodontic treatment results, making the doctor-patient communication more intuitive and efficient.


Make it Easy

Сompatible with most major intraoral scanner brands, One-click data transmission, convenient and fast.


Make it Better

Comparison of 3D target position before and after treatment, more intuitive.


Make it Now

Quickly forecasting Instant Predictable results, less waiting time

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