What is Angel Aligner Pro?

Angel Aligner Pro is a series of custom-made removable clear orthodontic aligners that gently move the patient’s teeth into the proper position over time. It uses innovative masterMulti technology and is a newly-developed more efficient clear aligner treatment option. The “7+3” dual aligner solution can decrease the length of your treatment and improve treatment efficiency. Angel Aligner Pro redefines invisible orthodontic treatment, creating beautiful smiles in a comfortable and efficient way.


7+3 dual material

Two types of aligner materials complement each other perfectly, and can improve orthodontic efficiency. The advantages for the clinician?

  • A total control of the number of stages needed in the treatment
  • More rapidity and less refinements

masterControl S

7 days – Comfy start

Gentle and constant force


  • Self-adaptive material
  • Intelligent control on tooth movement


3 days – Efficient control

Precise and effective force


  • An innovative material that demonstrates excellent performance in complicated tooth movements and superb fracture resistance

Angel Aligner Pro features


The Intelligent Root System allows more comprehensive diagnosis and helps your doctor provide a safer and more precise treatment.



​​The angelButton is the world’s first integrated button for elastic wearing, which can reduce revisit frequency and provide better comfort for patients.


Mandibular advancement

The mandibular advancement solution can help efficiently resolve deep overjets or retrusive lower jaws.

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