What is A7 Premolar Extraction Solution?

A7 premolar extraction solution is based on the accurate analysis and clinical validation by masterForce platform and the treatment of hundreds of thousands of extraction cases with Angel Aligner. After years of experience treating complex extraction cases, A7 is designed to significantly improve the accuracy and precision of tooth movements in extraction cases.

Advantage 1: Anchorage Preparation Of Posterior Teeth

Clear aligner treatment is integrated with classical orthodontic theory. The anchorage preparation of posterior teeth is processed at the beginning of orthodontic treatment, and the anterior teeth are retracted subsequently to ensure a stable anchorage or bodily mesialization of posterior teeth.

Advantage 2: Vertical Control Of Posterior Teeth

The height of the posterior teeth is accurately controlled to prevent unfavorable rotation of the arch.

Advantage 3: Bodily Canine Distalization

The design of high-efficiency attachment and accurate mechanical control are used to achieve bodily canine distalization.

Advantage 4: Torque Control Of Anterior Teeth

The accurate mechanical design, optimized torque Torque Ridge, together with increased teeth wrapping of orthodontic appliance, are applied to ensure effective torque control during retraction of anterior teeth.

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