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20 years of experience.

Angelalign Technology Inc., is a global provider of clear aligner technology with evidence based clinical expertise.  With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to research and digital innovation, Angelalign Technology Inc. has treated 1 million smiles¹, and is now expanding its expertise and global footprint.

Comprehensive portfolio

We have a treatment option for every stage: from Kids (6 years old) till mature age. For the kids, we have some specific solutions like: tongue position guide, tongue crib, lip bumper…


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  • Integrated structure: resists deformation and reduces chair time
  • 360° flexible placement of elastics: opens a wide range of different uses
  • Ergonomic design: the button width for elastics is optimal, provides convenient and reliable point for force application.
  • Possible IP placement


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Mandibular advancement

With the orthopedic and orthodontic treatment of prognatism malocclusion caused by mandibular retrusion as a breakthrough, this solution corrects the bone deformity, and realizes correction and occlusal reconstruction of malposed teeth at the same time.


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Dual material

Our “7+3” dual aligner solution can decrease the length of your treatment and improve treatment efficiency. Angel Aligner Pro redefines invisible orthodontic treatment, creating beautiful smiles in a comfortable and efficient way.


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Our achievements

Angel Aligner is a global service provider of clear aligner technology, production and sales. Since founded in 2003, we are constantly working on innovative digital solutions to improve the orthodontic experience and outcomes for patients and orthodontists.


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    ¹As of June 30, 2023, the total number of cases of any and all the products and services provided by all entities owned or controlled by Angelalign Technology Inc. has exceeded one million.