It is a new generation of self-adaptive high polymer material


Material characteristic of MCS exhibits the adaptability to tooth movement mode, either in a stiffer or more flexible way, which generates the required optimal orthodontic force for the specific mode. Both comfortable experience and outstanding efficiency are achieved synchronously during the treatment.

High elasticity

masterControl S exhibits a relatively large elastic strain range and low modulus of elasticity. This could generate mild and continuous orthodontic force and further improves the orthodontic efficiency.

Supreme stress Relaxation

Due to the supreme stress relaxation, the aligner enables to maintain the designed geometric shape and keep the non-deviated target position. The relaxation-caused orthodontic force decay is less than conventional materials. The aligner is endowed both deviation tolerance and correction abilities.

Tear Resistance

The tear resistance of MCS has been further improved on the basis of MC. Cracks and fractures are further suppressed, avoiding unnecessary visits to the doctor or prolonged treatment periods.

Stain resistance

MCS is resistant to stains, even in the complex oral environment in daily life, which guarantees invisibility of the aligner.


The diffusion between the multi-layer interface, combined with frosted surface treatment, greatly increases the light dissipation effect. The invisibility of the aligner is upgraded once again.

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