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Founded in 2003, we have built a reputation for excellence through our dedication to innovation, research, and development.

Angel Aligner KiD

  • Solution for mixed dentition treatment with facial management and malocclusion prevention.
  • “Teeth-Bones-Muscles” Three-in-One Solution for Kids in Tooth Transition Period.
  • Aligner in combination with functional appliances.
  • Several treatment options available.

Angel Aligner Select

  • Select is a series of custom-made removable clear orthodontic aligners that gently move the patient’s teeth into the proper position over time.
  • After over-20-years-of product development, it has been transforming smiles for nearly one million patients.
  • MasterControl S (MCS) is a next-generation multi-layer polymer material with gentle but long-lasting orthodontic force for more efficient tooth movement. MCS exhibits enhanced tear & stain resistance, mechanical stability and patient preferred clarity.
  • Select has several treatment options available for different clinical situations.

Angel Aligner Pro

  • Pro uses innovative masterMulti technology and is an efficient clear aligner treatment option that gently moves the patient’s teeth into the proper position over time.
  • Intelligent digital orthodontics and material science define precise tooth movements. The MasterControl material has significantly improved from previous versions stain and fracture resistance. It is designed to perform well with complicated tooth movements and to help doctors accurately treat challenging cases.
  • Each stage has two sets of aligners. The first-set aligners made from masterControlS are worn for 7 days, and the other set for the next 3 days is produced from masterControl.
  • The “7+3” mode shall be repeated in each stage until treatment is completed when teeth are aligned.
  • The “7+3” dual aligner solution can decrease the length of your treatment and improve treatment efficiency, especially for complicated cases.

The top 3 Features our doctors love


  • The angelButton is an ancillary feature manufactured directly into Angel Aligners.
  • angelButtons provide an additional anchorage point to support the use of elastics in Angel Aligner treatment.
  • These buttons can be added and/or adjusted anywhere on the arch and are designed with high structural integrity to facilitate efficient tooth movement via elastics.


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Intelligent Cephalometry System

Intelligent Cephalometry System (ICS) :

  • Tracing based on AI
  • Superimposition
  • Skeletal age analysis based on AI


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iOrtho: a 3D cloud-based treatment planning software

  • Easy to use
  • Treatment plan from anywhere and 100% updated


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