What is masterForce?

MasterForce system is a technology platform to precisely predict and exhibit the orthodontic force achievement and treatment effects. Based on a high-precision physical mechanical testing platform and full-factor computer-aided biomechanical algorithm, masterForce is capable of yielding accurate, complete and quantitative orthodontic force predictions for complex clear aligner systems.

Reduced Refinement Frequency

The whole process is optimized by masterForce to reduce the middle course correction frequency, including the mechanical properties design of splint materials, optimization of manufacturing processes, structural design of the aligner, 3D treatment planning and the orthodontic force relaxation estimation.

Guiding early

Precise predictions and exhibition of orthodontic force and achievement would provide powerful, quantitative and visual toolkits for a more accurate treatment plan.

Interception early

With masterForce platform, orthodontic biomechanical principle is applied in the treatment design to ensure precise orthodontic force and controllable tooth movement. It would improve the orthodontic efficiency and reduce treatment time.

masterForce Application

The masterForce platform, developed by Angel Aligner, integrates all phases of the invisible orthodontic treatment, from material development, treatment plan design, attachment system, manufacturing to the orthodontic force control while wearing.
With this powerful toolkit, the orthodontic treatment of clear aligner has changed from traditional vague experience-based practice to precise and rational data-based treatment, bringing orthodontics into a brand new era.

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