What is masterControl?

It is a new generation of efficient-control medical-grade polymer material that has significantly improved fracture resistance. It performs well in complicated tooth movement, helping doctors simplify treating challenging cases.

Key features

Prominent Resilience For Efficient Control

The material has prominent elastic resilience, making the orthodontic force on teeth last longer.

High Tear And Wear Resistance ​​

masterControl’s excellent tear and wear resistance originates from the strong chemical structure and bonds. These features allow less breakages and no treatment interruptions.

Surface Treatment For Better Tooth Retention

The inner surface of the material is lightly treated to provide better retention on the tooth, allowing teeth to move more efficient and accurately.

Exquisite Frosted Surface And Upgraded Invisibility

masterControl’s material structure can diffuse the light and avoid reflection. It makes the aligner more invisible!

Chemical Resistance For Stable Performance

Excellent chemical resistance makes masterControl reliable, and you can enjoy your food and beverages as you wish.

Balanced Stiffness And Flexibility For Accurate Teeth Movement

masterControl achieves perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, providing better root control and more accurate teeth movement.

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