Angel Aligner Select Unlimited

What is Angel Aligner Select Unlimited?

Angel Aligner Select Unlimited is a series of custom-made removable clear orthodontic aligners that gently move the patients’ teeth into the proper position over time.

Angel Aligner Select Unlimited features


Self-adaptive material

masterControl S has the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility to effectively manage different types of tooth movements.


Comfortable experience

High elasticity and improved memory materials create gentle and constant force to provide more accurate tooth movement and better comfort for patients.


Fully trimmed aligner for better comfort

The edge of the aligner is expertly trimmed and polished along the patients’ teeth to provide precise control and superb comfort.


Easy to wear

masterControl S is a flexible and patient friendly material, making it easy to put on and remove aligners.



The Intelligent Root System allows more comprehensive diagnosis and helps your doctor provide a safer and more precise treatment.



The angelButton™ is the world’s first integrated button for elastic wearing, which can reduce revisit frequency and provide better comfort for patients.

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