What is Angel Aligner KiD?

Angel Aligner KiD is a range of early orthodontic solutions in the full period from prevention to treatment.


Prevention early

Prevent the tooth decay of child, maintain the normal arch form, stimulate the stomatognathic function.

Guiding early

Guide normal eruption of permanent teeth, guide the mandible to growth  in normal direction.

Interception early

Remove deformities and harmful oral habits that have occurred  in the early stage.

AA KiD product line :

Product system K1 K2
Treatment expiration date 2 years 5 years
Refinements Unlimited within 2 years Unlimited within 5 years
Dentition Primary/Mixed Dentition Permanent Dentition
Indication Suitable for mild-moderate dental and myofunctional malocclusion Suitable for moderate-severe dental and myofunctional malocclusion
Additional clinical features Tongue position guide, Tongue crib, Bite Ramp, inclined Bite Ramp, A6 Mandibular Advancement, Maxillary Protraction with angelBu on

Angel Aligner KiD Face Management Solutions

  • New anti-caries and antibacterial aligners
  • Invisible tongue crib aligners
  • Lingual guidance
  • Occlusal ramp
  • Inclined occlusal ramp
  • Updated Mandibular Advancement bite block
  • Maxillary Protection

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